Welcome to Phodia, a community based on photography and the discussions raised relating to those pictures.

As with every community there should be a few rules to keep the Community safe and sound. But we don't want to act as police so we trust on your good common sense.

Below are the basic rules of this site.

  1. We are all individuals with our own opinions. So be respectful and polite in your interactions with other members.
  2. No discrimination of any nature will be tolerated; if this occurs your account will be immediately terminated.
  3. Phodia is not the place to abuse, harass, impersonate or intimidate other users. If there is a valid complaint about your conduct you will first receive a warning if this continues your account may be terminated.
  4. Only giving critiques is easy, to give fair and constructive advice is a better way to move forward. That way we all benefit and willhelp improve us as photographers.
  5. Nudity is not allowed in any upload and will be removed at once. A member who uploads nudity will get a warning. Should a member persist with such uploads; the account will be deleted.
  6. Phodia can not be held responsible for the content of any upload. A member is always responsible for the content of that upload.
  7. Using the work of others is not allowed without permission of the owner. Always keep - in mind that there may be copyright issues.
  8. If you think there is immediate cause for concern, you can report it to Phodia with the �Report Abuse� knob that's available under every upload.

If you have any further queries you contact the Admin Manager, Ulrich Geimer using the Phodia Mail.

Site rules
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Phodia, a podium for photos and discussion

Phodia made for photographers by photographers

The photo site that you are visiting is no ordinary photo site. Photographers from around the world, of various skills, levels and interest participate here.

Become a member and find out for yourself what a great site this is.



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